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Revision History of Software for FCP50 Machine Control Panel (Sansha Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd.) for V-Frame

Version No.DateContents
Support Yaskawa inverter V1000.
For normal use also corresponds to the old inverter, normalized for Matsushita replacement for one, Matsushita substitute M leave.
Hallout was modified so as to behave the same as before wiring change. (for Matsushita substitution)
Holeout has been modified to behave the same as before wiring change. (for normal use)
Support old inverter.
(Because there is not enough memory, software for normal use and Matsushita substitution is separated, with M added for Matsushita substitution.)
Stop lamp lit with F.OUT.
1) Change option of ROLL to 2, 3 (+), 3 (-) setting item of S.LAP.
     3 (+) means a place from the front to the back, 3 (-) is a place for passing the fabric in front from the back.
 2) Change input range of production amount of ACT speed mode from 99.9 mm to 200.0 mm.
Support S.LAP’s ACT7.
1) Change the winding setting order, not display unnecessary items.
     If you select Large in take-up kind selection, when you close the gate during servo-mode “position”,
     it temporarily change to “torque” and change to pull the knitted fabric.
 2) Inverter initial value change.
Support ACT7.
1) Change the take-up setting order, not display unnecessary items.
 2) Numerical change of inverter initialization. (n13 to all types 60)
Fix S.LAP program.
Support S.LAP (Guide roll moving type Lapping device).
Stop changing “HOLD CUR” by changing “RSW8”.
Correct calculation when AUTO MODE using change gear 100 with OD5.
Added “Menu 35”.
OD5 change gear 100.
Corrected input screen of “Menu 18”.
Support ATSS servomotor SANYO.
“Spiral roll speed” has been added to “Menu 21” for OD5 take-up.
Now compatible with the new type servo-motorized lapping take-up device.
“Zero Clear” function (ENT (0)) of SHIFT can now be used at any time (it was only possible at the time of SHIFT change in the previous versions).
The machine can now be rotated while pressing the inch or start button when a fall-out  error has occurred.
When the number of stoppages is to be displayed, the servo-motor communication error is displayed instead.
1) The gear ratio 1/310 now can be selected when setting the ACT take-up. 
2) “Inch” can now be used when displaying yarn length.
1) When the counter error is being displayed and if the power is switched OFF and then ON, an error message such as “TOP” is displayed.   
2) Several points are found to be corrected or improved in the servo-  motor take-up control.    
1) The time required for detecting “TOP”, “BOTTOM”, “MPFIN” and  “MPFOUT” errors has been made shorter. 
2) The yarn length display function is added to the FUKUHARA  monitoring system. 
3) The “YFD”, “NEEDLE” and “FAULTOUT” keys can now be used. 
1) Servomotor for ACT take-up device is now supported.
2) Servomotor is now included in the option list in “Menu 21” on the operation panel.
1) Motor speed now automatically returns to the default value when not using the idling function on fine gauge (60 gauge)  machines. 
2) The “YFD” key can now be operated when the over current error  occurs.
Function to initialize the LCD every second so as to prevent the LCD from being disturbed by electrical noise. 
1) Yarn feeding amount adjusting function for servo-motorized elastic yarn feeding units.  
2) Idling function for fine gauge (60G) machines.
Error detection can now be made at smaller intervals for top stop- motions, bottom stop-motions, MPFIN and MPFOUT. 
When setting the stop delay time, the desired value cannot be entered correctly. 
Default values for DSW1-6 with regard to ACT Large Mode (“MENU 21 “ ACT setting) have been changed from “OFF” to “ON”.
Now compatible with the Italian language. 
There are cases where the entered data are lost after switching on again after a power failure or other abnormal machine stoppage.
In SHIFT setting, entry is now finished by pressing “0” and then “ENT”. (formerly by pressing “0” or “ENT”)
A part of the message is displayed in Japanese when “SERVO” is  selected in “21. ACT ADJUST”.
1) In “MCH DIA?” in “21.ACT ADJUST”,  “>25” or “<25” is now to be selected. (Formerly “YES” or “NO”.) 
2) Monitoring signal is now sent out from the option board for 100msec after clearing the   accumulation counter to “0”. 
V1.112008/07/07Fixed: 1) When the take-up mode is changed from “ACT” to “MECH” due      to an ACT error and then changed back to “ACT”, the ACT motor      does not rotate. 2) After take-up setting is finished, the normal screen is not       displayed and there still remains “CANCEL” or “YES” on the      screen. 3) The indication of the take-up mode in the last line on the display      disappears while various settings are made. 4) “F. OUT” is not displayed on the screen even if “F. OUT” has      been set to “ON”.
1) When the auto-doffer-compatible take-up unit stops off the fixed position, the machine cannot be restarted by executing the   procedure described in the machine instruction manual (page 9  of “OPERATION BOX OPERATING METHOD”). 
2) There are cases where the auto-doffer-compatible take-up unit stops before or beyond the fixed position. (This has been solved  by reducing the time to stop the machine after receiving the stop signal sent from the auto-doffer.)
When the ACT take-up unit is set to “SPEED MODE” (in RSW8  setting) and “HOLD CURRENT” is set to “ON”,  it is now controlled   in “NORMAL MODE” while inching. (If “HOLD CURRENT” is set to  “OFF”, it is controlled in “SPEED MODE” while inching.)
There are cases where the indication of the number of stoppages is partially garbled on the screen when “MENU 5” (the number of stoppages due to errors) is selected. 
Now compatible with ACSS.
1) Over current error is now checked every 10ms.  
2) In large take-up, compensation current curve for the varying fabric  roll diameter has been changed to that of Matsushita-made machine control panel.
1) The maximum current has been reduced to 5.1A in order to  prevent over current errors from occurring.  
2) In large take-up, compensation current for the varying fabric roll diameter has been reduced from that of the previous version. 
3) The function to detect auto doffer errors now works even when the auto doffer is not in use.
The internal counter value used for auto oiler maintenance is not initialized when configuring auto oiler settings. 
Now compatible with auto doffer.  
1) Passwords having less than 8 digits cannot be used.  
2) Some of the messages in Chinese are not shown correctly.
1) Time delay function is now always available by setting.  
2) The inverter frequency can now be changed by pressing the left arrow or right arrow key.  
V1.0308/01/01The first released software version