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Revision History of FMC40


Version No.Previous VersionDateContents
V5.02 151215 V5.01 111222’15/12/24Fixed:
The loading of the dial pattern using the USB flash memory fails with both-side needle selection machines..
 V5.01 111222 V5.00 100216’12/01/10Added:
“Folder No.” has been added to the setting items of “LAN setting menu 31”.
 V5.00 090304 V4.00 070117’09/3/18Changed:
A USB flash memory stick can now be used.
 V4.00 070117 V4.00 060228’07/11/06Changed:
FMC40 has been modified so that pattern data can be transferred to both-side needle selection machines via LAN. 
 V4.00 060228 V4.00 051006’06/03/06Changed:
Large striper data obtained by using the combinationfunction of VX-RSY can now be used also on electronic machines. New parameter (****.pas) for up to 260,000 striper courses  can be loaded by “KNIT” command. (cf. the existing parameter (****.par) is for up to 32,767 courses.) 
 V4.00 051006 V4.00 050513’05/10/06Fixed:
Pattern data can not be loaded, via LAN,  into FMC40 controller with the software Ver.1.07 installed. 
 V4.00 050513 V4.00 050204’05/07/20Changed:
Pattern data can now be loaded into FMC40 via LAN. 
 V4.00 050204 V4.00 031029’05/03/08Fixed:
“FAN ERROR” of the option unit is not shown on the operation panel and all the errors of the option unit are shown  as “STITCH ERROR” instead. In this new version,if any fault occurs on the fan of the option unit, the operation panel first shows “OPTION UNIT ERROR” and by pressing the “STOP FACT” key, the panel shows “STC. UNIT FAN  ERROR”. This is true with other errors of the option unit. 
 V4.00 031029 V4.00 030708’03/10/29Fixed:
There are cases where the presently counted number of garments plus the desired number of garments to be knitted becomes the preset value “1” when “LOSS GARMENT” is set to “0”, and thus  more than the desired number of garments is produced.
 V4.00 030708 V4.00 020805’03/07/01Fixed:
Even if “LOSS GARMENT” value is set to 2 on V-IRGY, the preset value is changed by 1 garment unit only.
The preset value of “LOSS GARMENT”can now be changed if “NO” is selected in “RESET PARAMETER”.
 V4.00 020805 V4.00 020320’02/08/05Fixed:
1. When operating V-IRGY, the number of garments    to be knitted cannot be entered in RESET   PARAMETER.
2. When operating V-IRGY, it is required to enter TS   START and RETURN TO NORMAL  in RESET   PARAMETER.
 V4.00 020320 V4.00 020227’02/03/20Fixed:
1. When operating V-SECPLT12 using FMC40   controller, the “NEEDLE POWER” function cannot be   controlled. 
2. When loading a pattern data of 1MW or more into    FMC10 controller, “COM ERROR” occurs.
 V4.00 020227 V4.00 020119’02/02/27Fixed:
DD type floppy disk (for 20M/30M controller) cannot be used as a pattern disk for the dial side of  both side needle selection machines such as V-LEC4DS.
 V4.00 020155 V4.00 011025’02/01/15Fixed:
The LED for “OTHER” errors is not lit during the boot time of the controller while “C.ERROR” is being displayed on the operation panel. Now it can be lit during the boot time.  
 V4.00 011025  V3.00 010928 ’01/10/25 Changed:
Enabled the installing program to install software into FMC40 via LAN.
Added:PAGE31. “LAN”
Added:Function for loading pattern data into FMC40 via LAN (Note: The software for this purpose to be used on PC side is under development.) 


Version No.Previous VersionDateContents
V.1.48   4.13V.1.47  4.12     ’15/12/16Fixed:
1. 2 feeder mesh machine keeps a ground and mesh in a reset parameter.   
V.1.47   4.12V.1.47  4.10     ’14/03/04Added:
1. Problem of the cylinder side of MPS. 
2. Problem of the dial side of MPS. 
V.1.47   4.10V.1.46  4.09     ’13/09/25Added:
1. Compatibility with 4DGTY. 
2. Compatibility with 3DGY6. 
V.1.47   4.09V.1.46  4.08     ’13/09/20Fixed:
1. False detection of the “striper actuator error”. 
V.1.47   4.08V.1.46  4.07     ’13/07/2Fixed:
1. Slip off the dial start needle on both side needle selection machines. 
1. Refresh timing change of the “SDRAM”. 
V.1.46   4.07V.1.45  4.07     ’13/06/18Fixed:
1. Under the influence of the noises that MPS board is reset, and machine data are removed. 
V.1.45   4.07V.1.44  4.06     ’13/04/24Added:
1. Check at the time of the preservation of the file. 
V.1.44   4.06V.1.43  4.05     ’13/02/15Changed:
1. Noise disorder takes measures by software.
V.1.43   4.05V.1.42  4.05     ’13/02/15Changed:
1. When “WATCHDOG” signal from “MPS” is contained, phenomenon to freeze when a noise gets mixed.
V.1.42   4.05V.1.41  4.05     ’13/02/05Changed:
1. Noise disorder takes measures by software.
V.1.41   4.05V.1.38  4.05     ’13/01/28Changed:
1. Took measuresb by malfunction of “WATCHDOG”.
V.1.38   4.05V.1.37  4.03     ’12/12/17Changed:
1. The phenomenon that an error is displayed at the time of LAN use, and the contents of CF are removed.
2. The phenomenon that an error is displayed at the time of accidental communication, and the contents of CF are removed.
V.1.37   4.03V.1.36   3.15     ’12/06/18Changed:
1. The “KNIT” menu is changed to be exclusive for “LAN”
    by setting bits 3 and 4 of DISPW2 on the CPU board
    to “ON”.
2. Now compatible with model “4DFY”.
1. Function to adjust dial stitch amount for model “3DGTY”
2. Test data not using transfer feeders for the “STRIPER
V.1.36  3.15V.1.35  3.14  ’11/03/23Changed:
The timing at which the memory backup function is stopped by detected power failure has been changed.
V.1.34  3.14V.1.34  3.13  ’10/08/18Fixed:
The controller freezes when a file containing a corrupted pattern is loaded.
Function to check if the pegs of the striper actuators work correctly.
V.1.34  3.13V.1.34  3.12  ’10/08/18Fixed:
On model SEC7BME, when the needle mode is changed, the needles between actuators “A” and “B” rise to the knit position after restarting the machine, resulting in fabric press off. (Now these needles do not rise to the knit position.)
V.1.34  3.12V.1.34  3.10  ’10/05/25Fixed:
It is not possible to knit correctly on model SECPLT12.
V.1.34  3.10V.1.33  3.04  ’10/04/02Added:
A new operation mode in which the needle mode is automatically changed to test mode and the machine speed is automatically changed to medium speed when an auto-oiler is used.
V.1.33  3.04V.1.31  3.03  ’10/02/25Fixed:
The “ENCODER” value is not correctly displayed after machine data has been entered.
The “DIAL ENCODER OFFSET” value can now be adjusted.
V.1.31  3.03V.1.31  3.02  ’09/12/22Fixed:
1. The 32MB memory on MPS board in FMC40 cannot be     fully utilized. Only 16MB is utilized.
2. On SEC7BS, RPM error occurs when it is run at 17RPM     or more. (It has been fixed so that no RPM error occurs     even when it is run at 30RPM or more).
V.1.31  3.02V.1.20  2.24 ’09/08/11Fixed:
Parameters cannot be loaded on both side needle selection machines when trying to knit parameters having 8 or more patterns.
The details of errors which occur during knitting can now be displayed. 
V.1.20  2.24V.1.11  2.24 ’08/10/23Changed:
The number of points to be monitored for power supply failure have been increased so that the battery is securely disconnected to avoid damage on the power board on such an instance. 
V.1.11  2.24V.1.10  2.20 ’08/08/20Changed:
1. Now compatible with V-LEC4DGTFY6. 
2. Now compatible with electromagnetic striper actuators. 
V1.10 V2.14V1.10 V2.11 ’08/03/28Fixed:
1. On V-LEC3DGTY6, there are cases where auto timing     does not function in the first revolution when starting      the machine after RESET PARAMETER is executed. 
2. On V-LEC3DGTY6, the start needle position on the dial    side moves when starting the machine after RESET     PARAMETER is executed. 
V1.10 V2.11V1.10 V2.05’08/02/01Fixed:
1. Test data cannot be created correctly in Menu22. 
2. When restarting the machine after reset parameter has     been executed, several dial needles are selected to      tuck in the first revolution.
3. There are cases where the start needle position moves     several needles after switching on the FMC40 controller.
 V1.10 V2.05 V1.09 V2.04’07/11/06Changed:
FMC40 has been modified so that pattern data can be transferred to both-side needle selection machines via LAN.
 V1.09 V2.04 V1.09 V2.01 ’07/09/05Changed:
In TEST MODE, now the pattern starts to be knitted from the Start Needle.
 V1.09 V2.01 V1.08 V1.27’07/03/06Added:
Compatibility with V-LEC3DGTY6.
 V1.08 V1.27 V1.08 V1.26’07/03/06Added:
Compatibility with V-LEC**Y.
 V1.08 V1.26 V1.08 V1.25’06/08/09Added:
Compatibility with V-SEC4BFY6ME.
 V1.08 V1.25 V1.08 V1.24’06/06/22Added:
Compatibility with V-SECWY6.
 V1.08 V1.24 V1.08 V1.23’06/03/06Changed:
Large striper data obtained by using the combinationfunction of VX-RSY can now be used also on electronic machines. New parameter (****.pas) can be made for up to 260,000 striper courses. (cf. the existing parameter (****.par) is for up to 32,767 courses.) 
 V1.08 V1.23 V1.08 V1.22’06/02/06Fixed:
On V-LEC4BT;  When the machine is switched on, the pattern always starts with all-transfer. Also, it starts to transfer if the machine is set to TEST MODE for one revolution after executing RESET PARAMETER. 
 V1.08 V1.22 V1.08 V1.21’06/01/12Fixed:
If a pattern is loaded in the striper test mode and then the machine is run in the same mode, this causes a striper error.
 V1.07 V1.21 V1.07 V1.20’05/03/23Fixed:
There have been cases where the power control board fails when the mains power is turned off (including accidental loss of power) due to back-up current supplied to the actuators from the battery. Now the needle power (the electric current supplied to the actuators) is cut off immediately after the power goes off and the system is backed up by the battery.
 V1.07 V1.20 V1.06 V1.19’05/02/16Added:
Function to show the start needle and striper sensor positions on the display when setting these positions. (Before, it was necessary to check these positions with eyes.)
 V1.06 V1.19 V1.06 V1.18’04/03/03Fixed:
Actuator errors cannot be detected.
 V1.06 V1.18 V1.06 V1.17’04/02/24Fixed:
On V-LEC6BT “ACTR. ERR(C) 48” is detected  at a transfer feeder for which no actuator unit is actually installed. (“48” is the feeder No. for transfer in the above example.)
 V1.06 V1.17 V1.06 V1.16’03/05/01Fixed:
When adjusting the encoder on V-SECPLT, the adjustable range is different from that of FMC10.
 V1.06 V1.16 V1.03 V1.14’03/02/24Fixed:
There are cases where “SYNC1 ERROR” is mistakenly detected on V-SECPLT when the power is turned on.
 V1.06 V1.14 V1.03 V1.13’02/11/12Added:
Compatibility with machines with cylinder => dial transfer function such as V-LEC4BT.
  V1.03 V1.13  V1.03 V1.11’02/09/21Added:
Compatibility with V-SECPLT.
Needle power goes OFF on certain drive boards during machine running.
 V1.03 V1.11 V1.03 V1.10’02/07/17Fixed:
Stripers do not function correctly after switching off and then on in “TEST” mode.
 V1.03 V1.10 V1.03 V1.08’02/07/15Changed:
V-LEC4BY can now be controlled. (double knit machine with stripers having multi-finger and take-off functions)
1. Some feeders go “ALL WELT” when switching off and    then on in “ALL KNIT” mode.
2. “PAGE2. NEEDLE SHIFT” does not function.
 V1.03 V1.08 V1.02 V1.08’02/05/22Added:
A menu for writing MAC address (Media Control Access address) into already-shipped FMC40 CPU boards without MAC address.
 V1.02 V1.08  V1.02 V1.06’02/03/22Fixed:
“ALL KNIT” goes to “NO LOOP” and “ALL WELT” goes to “ALL LOOP” on V-SECPLT12.
 V1.02 V1.06 V1.02 V1.04’02/02/18Fixed:
There are cases where the needles are raised when the testing part  comes to the take-off feeder if  “MOVE” has been selected on the “TST MODE,  FEED= STAY  MOVE” page and the pattern to be knitted contains a take-off part. 
 V1.02 V1.04 V1.02 V1.03’02/02/12Fixed:
There are some cases, when both the stripers and  the needles are in the “Test Mode” and when using test data containing # (no-finger),  where striping is not done correctly due to the delay of  needle elevation timing by half a feeder from the introduction timing of a striping finger to the needle line.  
 V1.02 V1.03 V1.01 V1.02’02/01/30Added:
AB in the test data  is not selected as “tuck-welt” but as “tuck-knit”.  
Several needles in the selvage portion are in the all tuck position when the striper is in the take-off  position in the “Needle Test Mode”.  
 V1.01 V1.02 V1.00 V1.00’02/01/16Changed:
Now compatible with V-SEC7BY and V-SEC4BY 

FMC40 (Special Version for V-IRGY)

Version No.Previous VersionDateContents
V.1.32 V.G1.4 V.1.06 VG1.3’09/11/16Changed:
The number of points to be monitored for power supply failure have been increased so that the battery is securely disconnected to avoid damage on the power board on such an instance.
 V.1.06 V.G1.3 V.1.06 VG1.2’04/10/28Changed:
An actuator error was detected after encoder resetting although the actuator in question was working normally. The actuator detecting function has been removed as the hardware specification does not allow it to work correctly.  
 V1.05 VG1.2 V1.05 VG1.1’03/10/01Changed:
Changes for “open circuit error check” function and “require repeat” function have been made to be compatible with the new type drive board. 
 V1.05 VG1.1 V1.05 VG1.0’02/10/01Fixed:
Stripers do not function correctly. 
 V1.05 VG1.0 V1.04 VG1.0’02/10/21Added:
Garment type entry. 
 V1.04 VG1.0 V1.03 VG1.1’02/07/29Changed:
The stripers for V-IRGY can now be controlled.


Version No.Previous VersionDateContents
V1.02 V1.01’07/05/01Changed:
The maximum memory capacity has been increased from 4MW to 12MW (= standard 4MW + expansion 8MW). It is now greater than that of FMC10 (max. 8MW = standard4MW + expansion 4MW).
 V1.01 V1.00’02/05/22Fixed:
MAC address is deleted when executing memory clear by the DIP SW No.1 on the CPU board.