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We have developed more than 200 types of circular knitting machines for various functions and applications. Each one is completely custom-made to order, allowing us to meet each customer’s unique and sophisticated requirements in detail. Here we introduce some of our new products that use the latest technologies we are proud of.

Electronic Pattern Knitting Machine with Multi Feeder and Ultra High Speed Mattress Ticking

product picture of [M-LEC8BSH]

The M-LEC8BSH is based on the existing V-LEC8BSC, a multi-feeder, matress ticking electronic pattern knitting machine, and has been redesigned with the latest technology and know-how in needle selection actuators, cams, etc., to achieve the SF900, the ultimate in ultra-high speed for an electronic pattern knitting machine. The SF900 is a multi feeder, ultra high speed mattress ticking machine.
The SF900 is a multi-feeder, ultra-high-speed mattress ticking machine that achieves the ultimate in high-speed electronic pattern knitting.
The M-LEC8BSH, with its ultra-high production capacity that is indispensable for mattress ticking that is being produced in the global market, is a knitting machine that brings together the unrivaled full power of FUKUHARA.

Single Knit Raceway Knitting Machine

product picture of OD7-M2XC-A3.2RE]

The OD7-M2XC-A3.2RE is a single-knit, raceway machine equipped with the newly developed M2 frame, which features the newly developed E-NEEDLE primlatch needle controlled by the latest cam technology, the latest sliding parts for even higher precision, and the newly designed gearing for minimal thermal displacement. This is a raceway machine. This is Fukuhara’s flagship machine in the single-knit raceway knitting machine field, which combines overwhelmingly high performance with user-friendly comfort.

Double Knit High Speed Raceway Rib Knitting Machine

The M-6ER22 is the latest evolution of the existing ER series double-knit raceway rib knitting machine, which was redesigned to become the SF1200 double-knit, high-speed raceway rib knitting machine. In addition, the cylinder needles feature patented technology. In addition, the patented E-NEEDLE technology is adopted as standard for the cylinder needle, which reduces resistance during high-speed operation and contributes to energy saving.

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