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Original Collection

Under the consulting of Ms. Sugayo Kawakami, a fashion creator who has worked on numerous stage costumes, we have developed an original collection of products using fabrics knitted on our circular knitting machines.

Ms. Sugayo Kawakami, who has worked on many costumes, uses her extensive knowledge and experience to create designs and patterns that make full use of the characteristics of knit fabrics, including the intricate patterns and excellent functionality that can only be achieved on FUKUHARA’s circular knitting machines. As our original collection, each piece is unique.

You can see our original collection in the presentation room of our main factory and at the exhibitions of each textile machine. Please come and visit us.

※We do not sell the original collection.

Sugayo Kawakami

photo of Sugayo Kawakami

Fashion creator. While working for a sports manufacturer, she enrolled in the evening course at Osaka Mode Gakuen. Upon graduation, she was transferred to the company’s production planning department. After working in pattern making and production management, became independent in 2000. Since 2002, she has been involved in more than 20 productions of stage costumes for the Shiki Theatre Company. In 2005, she launched a private brand of men’s shirts, “sugayo,” which has been sold nationwide at Isetan and other select stores. Master of Business Administration (MBA), Graduate School of Business Administration, Ritsumeikan University. She completed her Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Ritsumeikan University. Currently, she is an associate professor at the Faculty of Art, Osaka Seikei University.