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Revision History of Matsushita ACI ROM for V-Frame Machines

Version No.Previous versionDate of revisionContents
1.Yarn length input item of the 100W. Error level input item to detect.
2.Yarn Length errot message.
1.Communication abnormal between a panel and the ACT servo motor take-up.
2.Problem of the “TAKE UP”error to improve for servos.
GF error occurs when performing initial setting for the inverter.
Now compatible with ACT servomotor take-up.
Revised to allow the new LCD display supplied by another manufacturer to be compatiblewith the ACI panel.
“MC OFF” can now be reset by switching off/on of the power of the ACI panel or by executing error reset on the operation panel if the machine stops due to a MC OFF signal.
Change gear ratio of 1/182 can now be used for ACT take-up.
Now compatible with the inverters manufactured by Yaskawa Electric Corporation.
1. Compatibility with the servomotor (MINAS-A4) newly employed for ATSS/ACSS..
2. Compatibility with the Fukuhara Monitoring System.
3. Compatibility with the servomotor (MINAS-A4) newly employed for OD3.
Now the message entered and input data are clearly distinguished by “=” or a space between the two.
Incorrect blown fuse number is indicated in the Spanish version, etc.
1. When “counter delay” function is used, if the number of revolutions of the auto-oiler is same as that of Preset 2, the machine runs at a high speed. (Now the machine runs at a medium speed in such instances.)
2. Writing “HITACHI” EEPROM is unstable.
The Turkish language is now supported.
When a counter error has occurred, “GATE error” remains on the display even after clearing the gate error. “COUNTER error” now appears after clearing “GATE error”.
1. “AUTO TRQ” and “HIGH LEG” deleted.
2. “MACHINE? SK DK” has been replaced by “HOLD CUR OFF ON”
3. Default setting “ON” has been changed to “OFF” for “DSW1-6”.
Various pictorial symbols for stop motion error messages.
RPM value sometimes does not return to 0.0 after machine stoppage.
1. The command “A042” (First Manual Torque Boost) for Hitachi inverters can now be set in “MENU22. INVERTER ADJUST” on the operation panel.
2. By using the initializing function in “MENU22 INVERTER ADJUST”, it is now possible to change the Hitachi standard values to PFW’s standard values.
Stop signal timing can now be delayed up to 10 seconds after the fabric roll becomes full. There has been a request to make the stop signal timing adjustable on double knit open-width machines.  
Inverter communication function can now be used on Hitachi SJ-300.
The minimum production amount to be entered in the “SPEED MODE” has been changed from 1mm to 0.1mm because proper fabric tension was not obtained when using ACT take-up on a 46 gauge machine.Added:Monitoring function only for particular customers. (Monitoring output is available when the counter is set to zero.) This version ROM does not apply to ordinary machines.
Selection of machine diameter (26” or more/25” or less) on MENU21. ACT ADJUST.
 This version should be used with ACT V. 2.45.
1. “SERVO”  can now be selected in MENU 21. ACT ADJUST for adjusting ACT servo    motor installed on double knit machine on OD frame.
2. Current RPM and accumulated number of machine revolutions so far made for the present    roll can now be shown in large characters using MENU 32. RPM. 
No inverter trip factors were displayed on the operation panel before. Now the last 5 factors can be displayed. 
1. Increase in compensation current in the large take-up mode
2. Improvement in ACT motor control in the speed mode
There are cases where machines equipped with an open width take-up unit cannot be rotated by pressing a remote inching button when fabric fall-out has occurred. (In those cases, the machines can be rotated by pressing an inching button fitted on the machine frame.)
Take-up tension data cannot be entered by the up-arrow key after the “TAKE-UP” key has been pressed..
When a fabric has been successfully taken up full on the take-up unit with lapping device, “TAKE-UP” is always indicated as the final STOP FACTOR.  This has been resolved by setting time delay so that the inverter error is not detected.
V4.58V4.572003/08/19Changed:In order to install a measuring device for elastic yarn length, the following functions have been added:
1) 2 different yarn lengths per one sensor pulse can be input.
2) C-ERROR terminal can be selected either for MPF or MER.
In the lapping take-up mode, the higher the machine speed is and the larger the take-up value is, the longer the fabric length becomes. 
For single knit Open Width (OD) machines with ACT take-up, the followings have been added:
1) Input item for the control data for the lower take-up motor
2) Time delay setting from the stop signal to take-up motor stoppage.
Now compatible with the 6-pole contact ring for the take-up unit which has been changed from 8-pole for improvement.
Overload detection for the drive motor was based on fixed data. It is now based on the data set for the electronic thermal device.
1) Current value on the display flickers.
2) The stop lamp goes out when YFD OUT coincides with COUNTER ERROR.
3) ACT ERROR cannot be reset by MENU 8 ERROR RESET.
Now the current value is not displayed when the RPM button is pressed. Current value display function has been removed because the flickering figures was unpleasant to the eye.
The default parameters No.30, No.116 and No.117 for “MIX” on PAGE22.INV.ADJUST have been changed as follows:  No.30: from 2 to 3  No.116: from 0 to 26  No.117: from 0 to 26
The input items MTR CHK TIME and MTR CHK RATE have been deleted.N.B. This ROM version should be used together with ACT ROM Ver.2.15.
1)The function to stop the knitting machine when the number of revolutions of take-up motor deviates from the range predetermined by the operator. This function is to avoid barrines, needle breakage, etc. due to  a the take-up motor failure.
2) Input item “Number of Gears” to be fitted to the motor axis.  The number of gears has been increased as a new type take-up motor has been employed. 
1) The initial data for carrier frequency of “MIX” has been changed from 3 to 4.
2) When the “RPM” key is pressed, the motor current value is displayed on the    bottom right corner, and “OVER LOAD” is displayed if it exceeds the rated    current.
Parameter reset values (default values) : 
Parameter No. 19: changed from 17 to 44
Parameter No. 40: changed from 24 to 12
Parameter No. 30: changed from 2 to 3 (for avoiding whining  sound from the      motor) 
  1) Now fully compatible with “M1X” type inverters.
  2) PASSWORD is not be displayed even if the “DISP” key is pressed.
  1) Delay time is automatically changed to 0.8 sec. in the case of “YFD  OUT”       and  “FALL OUT” (for other cases, delay
       time can be set to 3 to 4 sec. in  Parameter 33.)
  2) The “OTHER3” terminal can be used for either “STOP FACTOR” of  a peripheral device or a yarn length meter.   
Now the machine can be started by executing error reset if ACT SW OFF occurs. 
Decimals can now be used for encoder rotation ratio.
Added :
  1. Compatibility with M1X type inverters.
  2. ACT key function. i.e. “ACT SW? YES NO” appears after 
      “TAKE UP” key is pressed. 

Revision History – ATSS/ACSS UNIT ROM for Matsushita ACI Panel (Separate Type)

Version No.Previous versionDate of revisionContents
V1.002002/02/27Newly Developed: 
This ROM has been prepared for Separate-type Matsushita ACI Panel to be used for F-frame machines and other manufacturer’s machines. (This ROM contains functions necessary only for ATSS/ACSS control.)

Revision History – ACT ROM for Matsushita ACI Panel

Version No.Previous versionDate of revisionContents
When repeatedly inching the machine, the take-up unit runs in “Speed Mode”, resulting in excessively strong winding tension. When repeatedly starting and stopping the machine in “Large Mode”,  this also results in excessively strong winding tension. Now the take-up unit is run in “Normal Mode” when inching and the problem in “Large Mode” has also been resolved.
In the “Speed Mode” (constant speed), the initial rotation speed of the take-up motor  is higher than the specified speed.
The barr problem which sometimes occurred when rolling up in “large take-up” mode has already been resolved by taking countermeasures against electromagnetic interference. In order to further stabilize take-up operation, the software has also been modified so as to achieve quicker response to the feedback from the potentiometer.
Now compatible with machines of smaller diameters (25” or less).
This version should be used with Matsushita V-Frame Panel ROM V. 4.72.
In the previous version 2.39, the compensation amount for the large take-up mode was decided based on the average of the voltages fed back from the potentiometer. However, this method has been given up due to the slow computing speed and the original method (the compensation amount is decided based on the current voltage of the potentiometer) has been re-adopted.
  V2.39   V2.362004/06/22Changed:
1. The range of potentiometer for large take-up has been changed from 300°to 150°.  This version has been prepared for the above change. (Please note that when using this version,  it is necessary to replace the cable between the potentiometer and the ACT board by a modified cable having 1kΩ resistor.)
2. Compensation amount for the large take-up mode can now be used for ACT motor gear ratio of 1/150 in addition to 1/75.
  V2.36   V2.262003/11/18Changed:
1. Increase in compensation current in the large take-up mode
2. Improvement in ACT motor control in the speed mode
  V2.26   V2.252003/11/18Fixed:
When pressing the inching button immediately after stopping a small diameter machine, there are cases where the take-up tension becomes abnormally high.
  V2.25   V2.232003/08/18Changed:
The open-circuit error display function by LED has been enabled.
In the lapping take-up mode, the higher the machine speed is and the larger the take-up value is, the longer the fabric length becomes.
  V2.23   V2.222003/07/28Changed:
For single knit Open Width (OD) machines with ACT take-up, modification was made so that the ACT motor continues to run  until the set time after the stop signal has been sent. In order to use the above function, open-circuit error display function by LED was temporarily disabled.
  V2.22   V2.192003/07/01Changed:
In accordance with the change of the specification of the contact ring used for the take-up unit (from 8-pole to 6-pole), the software for the ACI panel has been modified.
  V2.19   V2.152003/06/01Fixed:
When a lapping take-up device is used on a striper machine, the spaces between boarders are not uniform.
  V2.15   V2.132002/09/27Changed:
When the variation of the number of revolutions within a predetermined time exceeds a predetermined tolerance, the machine stops automatically. This change has been made to prevent miss-winding, barriness, needle breakage, etc. due to irregular rotation of the ACT motor from occurring:
Function to recognize ON/OFF status of ACT utilizing Dual Port RAM as modified V frame machines will not have ACT key switches on the control panel.