Precision Fukuhara Works, Ltd.|A circular knitting machine manufacturer boasting a world-class market share

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate philosophy

Always thinking with a global perspective, we are devoted to manufacturing which gives priority to precision and quality in order to supply highly-reliable circular knitting machines.

Operational Guidelines

  1. Via our tireless study of new technological abilities,we strive for development which is always one step ahead of the times.
  2. Our manufacturing gives priority to quality over quantity,allowing us to supply high-performance knitting machines of high value.
  3. We value interaction with our customers. Mutual support via the exchange of information, et cetera allows us to promote the idea of co-existence and co-prosperity with the end user.
  4. We always carry ourselves in a professional manner and approach new challenges with courage and imagination.
  5. We continuously strive to evolve and reform for our own betterment.
  6. After evaluating and gaining a clear understanding of the actual on-site situation, we put forth every effort to execute the appropriate action quickly.

Ideal state of mind

  1. Become a company that inspires customers
  2. Building the Fukuhara brand with proprietary technology
  3. Become a company that supports the growth of its employees.
  4. Become a company that contributes to society through circular knitting machines
  1. Quality (zero complaints, zero shipping errors, realization of the world’s best quality, etc.)
  2. Development (for ITMA Europe every 4 years and when considering cost, performance and quality)
  3. Income and expenditure plan (income and expenditure plan chart, cost reduction plan, productivity improvement, goals for facilities, personnel, education, etc.)
  4. Employee satisfaction (organization, environment, welfare, etc.)

Quality policy

At each stage of circular knitting machine development, design, manufacturing, and supplementary service, we clarify the process required to realize the quality demanded by our customers and wholeheartedly implement said process. By doing so, we supply a product which exceeds worldwide standards and, in addition to earning a high level of trust, makes a lasting impression on our customers.
The importance of evaluating and establishing a clear understanding of the actual on-site situation is instilled into all staff members. By meticulously utilizing the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) management cycle, we aim to improve our quality after quickly and accurately capturing the essence of the problem at hand.
We are committed to enriching our knowledge and tirelessly strive for self-improvement in order to establish the foundation for providing higher-quality, higher-performance knitting machines to our customers
By taking preventive action, we aim to protect our customers from problems before they even occur to ensure the reliability of our quality.
Via regular management reviews we evaluate how effectively our quality management system is functioning and strive to make continuous improvements.

July 2021
President Tsuyoshi Yamada