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Revision History of AZ ACI PANEL ROM, etc.


Version No.DateContents
On machines equipped with striper drive boards, if ROM ver. 5.01 or later is used, stripers do not function correctly.
On our striper machines, striper data can now be read from and written into a USB flash memory stick by installing a USB interface board and the software of this version.
A USB flash memory stick can now be used.
Now compatible with electromagnetic striper actuators.
V-SECUY fitted with ACI Panel ROM Ver. 3.82 stops due to “Striper Error” after 10 machine revolutions.
Monitoring function only for particular customers. (Monitoring output is available when the counter is set to zero.) This version ROM does not apply to ordinary machines.
There have been cases where miss-counting in the striper controller occurred due to electrical noise. The following modifications to the software have been made:
1) to ignore sensor signal of 1msec. or less as  noise, and
2) to ignore set and reset signals received at the same time as noise.
Pressing the “ESC” key cannot stop the striper from being reset.
There are cases where machines equipped with an open width take-up unit cannot be rotated by pressing a remote inching button when fabric fall-out has occurred. (In those cases, the machines can be rotated by pressing an inching button fitted on the machine frame.)
When a fabric has been successfully taken up full on the take-up unit with lapping device, “TAKE-UP” is always indicated as the final STOP FACTOR.  This has been resolved by setting time delay so that the inverter error is not detected.
In order to install a measuring device for elastic yarn length, the following functions have been added:
1) 2 different yarn lengths per one sensor pulse can be input.
2) C-ERROR terminal can be selected either for MPF or MER.
Mis-striping occurs due to the phenomena where the feeder Nos. indicated on the operation panel do not correspond to the actual feeder Nos. on which stripers are installed.
  V3.752003/06/01Fixed – actually not fixed:
Mis-striping occurs due to the phenomena where the feeder Nos. indicated on the operation panel do not correspond to the actual feeder Nos. on which stripers are installed. This ROM  version has been recalled as further modification was found to be required.
Asterisk (*) is not displayed under Fingers 5 and 6  when they are in the “Set” state on VNY6. An arbitrary letter is displayed instead.
1) Changed to be compatible with both the striper control board (for PFW actuators) and the striper drive board (for WAC actuators). The latter was not supported before.
2) The machine is stopped  automatically with “STRIPER SENSOR ERROR” displayed when signals from either of the set sensor or reset sensor have been received consecutively 10 times.
There are cases where 3 characters in the bottom of the left hand side of the screen disappear when operating in PAGE17. STRIPER mode.
1) There are cases where striper mis-selection occurs when a machine is run at a high speed.
2) On RSY6, when using “(  ) ” in the striper data and the striper being set to “NO FINGER”, if the operation mode is changed to “TS1”, “NO FINGER” occurs in the second revolution and after.
PR=1 is not displayed even when the “SET DATA” key is pressed during machine operation.PR=1 is not displayed even when the “PAGE” key is pressed during machine operation.
Function to enable V-IRGY machine to run by inch button even when “Needle Error” has been detected. This mode is activated by pressing the “ESC” key and the up arrow key at the same time and deactivated by pressing the same keys the next time.
There are cases where striper fingers cannot be set correctly in TS1 or TS2 mode if parentheses “( )”are included in the striper data.
  V3.662002/10/10Fixed:Placer data mistakenly changed one revolution earlier on SD3BY.
  V3.652002/10/03Fixed:“No finger” operation was impossible on VX-RSY6.
1) On double knit 6-color striper machines, “*” on the indicator did not show actual position of the striper finger.
2) Striper mode of a machine fitted with FMC1 controller was set to “TS3”,  the display showed “STR. POWER OFF” and the machine did not start.
On double knit 6-color striper machines, the striper indicator now shows 6 colors when the striper type is “0” and the number of fingers is “6”. (The indicator showed only 4 colors before modification.)
1) Right after switching on power and while the display was showing “0, 1,    2, 3 …”, the error message “KNIT OR RST” was displayed by pressing the “ESC” key.
2) There were cases where a set peg was activated at the reset sensor  timing when the machine was run after adjusting the striper sensor by moving it from side to side.
Test pattern “TS2”  starts at No.4 feeder instead of No.1 feeder in Striper Mode. (It now starts at No.1 feeder.)
  V3.612002/08/05Changed:Now compatible with the striper control board for the new-type ceramic actuators.
1) Miss-striping occurs when “No Finger” has been set at 
    the feeder 3 feeders before the Gate.
2) SIMULATION function cannot be used unless a pattern 
    has been loaded using KNIT function.
3) FINGER INFO. must be reset before using 
4) It is necessary to reset whenever striper mode is 
“OTHER3” can now be used either for yarn length measuring or stop motion.
A screen for selecting whether to use the speed control function when inputting the machine data for the striper data.
1) On machines equipped with “Catch & Release” type 
    stripers such as VX-RSY6, the last finger may go to 
    “Multi Finger ” or to “Take off” when starting the 
    machine after reset.
2) Password can be seen by pressing the “DISP” key. 
When a password is entered, only asterisks * * * * * * are now displayed.  Password entry is now required twice.
A striper finger already set could move forward one revolution after resetting and this could result in yarn breakage depending on the knitting condition.Now, whether the FINGER INFORMATION  should be re-written or not is asked on the display when resetting and If “NO” is selected, the striper finger does not move one revolution after resetting.
There are cases where striping cannot be done  according to the data entered on machines equipped with “Catch and Release” type stripers.
When “Take-off” is used for striping, “STR DATA ERR” is displayed and the machine cannot be run.


Version No.DateContents
The compensation amount for the large take-up mode was only for the gear ratio of 1/75. Now the compensation amount for 1/150  can be used by setting RSW7 to “0”.However, please note that the slip monitoring for the ACT motor can detect slippage at speeds 3,000rpm or higher when using 1/150 ratio.
The range of potentiometer for large take-up has been changed from 300°to 150°.This version has been prepared for the above change. (Please note that when using this version, it is necessary to replace the cable between the potentiometer and the ACT board by a modified cable having 1kΩ resistor.)
Minute tension adjustment is now possible as the production amount can be adjusted by 1mm increments/decrements. Before, the production amount was adjustable in only 9 steps i.e. 5mm at a time. 
When a lapping take-up device is used on a striper machine, the spaces between boarders are not uniform.
  Ver.3-1A22003/01/28This ROM is to be used exclusively for small diameter machines with large fabric roll capability.
If the existing standard ROM (Ver.3-1A) is used for a small diameter machine with large fabric roll capability, the machine cannot be continuously run as the winding tension decreases too much before completing one roll.Modification has been made for this version to resolve this problem. 
  Ver.3-22002/10/07This ROM is to be used exclusively for 105W type ACT motors.
Slippage monitor setting for this ACT motor is as follows:
 RSW7 = 0 —-1,750rpm
 Increment of 50rpm/1 RSW7 value
 RSW7 = 9 —-2,200rpm