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Revision History of Software for AZ Machine Control Panel for V-Frame

Version No.DateContents
1) Now compatible with ACT7. 
2) Now compatible with the servo-motorized lapping take-up device. 
1) Up to 108 stripers can now be controlled.
1) In the case of “Electric Mode”, the number of the folders was not displayed with a list of knit processing indication choice screen definitely. 
1) phenomenon to display “OP2” at the time of the initialization disposal of V7 inverter.
1) Air timer disposal of 2 systems. 
2) Up to 104 stripers can now be controlled.
When servo rewind closed the door which is “Positioning Mode”, change to “Torque Mode”.
1) When changing the operation mode to “Electronic Test Mode”, the  “Take-up
     Mode” of the servo motor  is not changed correctly.
 2) When running the “Reset Parameter” program, “Return to Normal” cannot
     be executed.
1) Now  compatible with striper machines having 2 gates or more.
 2) Up to 104 stripers can now be controlled.
 3) Production amount for OD3 take-up can now be changed according to the
     pattern  to be knitted on garment length machines.
1) The servo mode is now set to “AUTO” when “Reset Parameter” is executed.
 2) The servo communication time  when the gate is “ON” has been adujsted.
 3) The “SERVO LAP”  mode has been deleted.
 4) The indication of the servo motor rotating direction has been changed from 
    “LEFT” and “RIGHT” to “CW” and “CCW”.
 5) V7 parameters 199-201 for 400V class have been changed.
 6) The kntting machine is now stopped when servo communication error occurs.
A mode in which only “LAN” is indicated in the “KNIT” command when using
“LAN” for electronic jacquard machine.
Errors related to the take-up servomotor are now not cleared by error reset procedure.
Undesired stoppage of the take-up servomotor can occur.
Compatibility of the option board with the monitoring system used by MonarchUK 
The number of  feeds could not be reduced in the parameter modificationfunction.
Auto blowing function is now available. The item “YARN INSERTION” (not presently used) has been replaced by  “AUTO BLOWER” on the “OTHERS” menu. 
1) In the case of an electronic jacquard machine with a servomotor, if the  machine operation mode is changed into “Needle Mode”, the mode  of the servomotor is now also changed accordingly.
2) The clearing of stoppage time by shift is now made at the time of shift  change instead of at the time of machine stoppage.
Problems when using the servo-motorized take-up (there are cases where the servo-motor does not stop if slippage is detected, and change of take-up type is not reflected if it is set to servo-motorized take-up).   
After changing the striper mode, it is now possible to resume knitting the normal pattern which has been knitted. 
1) Function to count the machine revolutions using the striper sensor instead of the counter sensor 
2) Function to light the stop lamp whenever the machine stops if no error is detected 
3) The Turkish language 
1) The counter does not count after an error has been detected if the machine  is rotated.  
2) On machines with 4-step + 4-step striper configuration (e.g. RSYB), the reset  peg does not function after resetting. 
3) An error signal is detected when inching the machine with the servo-motorized  take-up. 
4) A take-up error is detected by communicating with the servo-motor regardless of the type of the take-up.
“Zero Clear” function (ENT (0)) of SHIFT can now be used at any time (it was only possible at the time of SHIFT change in the previous versions).
There are cases where “Striper Error” is erroneously displayed on machines equipped with ceramic striper actuators. 
When saving the machine data on electronic jacquard machines, there are cases where the file names disappear from  the screen. 
1) In FINGER INFORMATION, the data for Finger 1 is automatically copied to all other fingers by pressing the SET button after entering the date for Finger 1. 
2) For 2-position machines, “Tuck” cannot now be selected when creating a test pattern. 
3) When selecting “Knit” by using a USB memory stick, the list can now be displayed. 
4) When selecting a striper machine, the type of striper actuator (electromagnetic or ceramic) can now be selected. 
5) For striper machines, striper data can now be saved in a USB memory stick. 
6) Parameter error can now be displayed when executing the Knit command. 
7) Encoder set can now be selected only in Maintenance mode. 
8) The letters of the striper sensor displayed on Page menu and the letters of finger settings in the cases other than 3-finger are now displayed in red.  
9) The needle mode in the auto-oiler settings is now displayed as test mode only in the case of electronic jacquard machines. 
10) For machines equipped with F-type stripers, the reset peg can now be operated       continuously when Simulation mode 1 is selected. 
11) The number of colors which can be used for striper data has been increased from
       10 (A-J) to 14 (A-N).
Needle mode is not displayed correctly when starting the FMC program on garment machines such as 3DTY6. 
1) Function to monitor yarn length. 
2) RSFY3RE can now be used in machine setting.
1) On machines equipped with  type “2” ( = “F” type) stripers, the asterisk (*) for showing the reset peg movement on the screen does not synchronize its actual movement . 
2) When executing display/delete for striper data, any non-existent file No. is accepted. 
“OTHER 3” has the function to process an input signal as  a signal from the needle protector. When this function was being used, a signal from the needle protector sent to other than “OTHER 3”  was  ignored. However, signals from the needle protectors sent to both “OTHER 3” and other than “OTHER 3” can now be monitored.
1)Now compatible with models RSFY4RE 26″ and RSFY6RE 30″.  
2) Detection time for top stopmotoion, bottom  stopmotion, YFD-IN and YFD-OUT has been reduced.   
1) After executing auto-stitch recalibration,  the display now shows that the change of the offset value to the auto-stitch origin point is possible. 
* Note: This function requires the latest version of FMC10 or FMC40 program. 
2) After executing knitting order,  the display now prompts the execution of reset  parameter.     
A USB memory stick can now be used for pattern transfer to electronic jacquard machines.
The touch panel cannot be operated by using keys or the touch panel keyboardappears in a wrong position on the screen.
A broken actuator wire is erroneously detected on a striper machine having no actuator on the reset side.
For compatibility with stripers using electro-magnetic actuators, the following modifications have been made: 
1) Error checking function can now be used for electro-magnetic actuators. 
2) Peg checking function can now be used for each step instead of whole steps. 
3) The problem on AERGY where the machine control panel is reset in a few seconds after starting the machine in striper test mode has been eliminated.
1) Patterns having more than 8 strips cannot be knitted on V-AERGY.  
2) An error occurs in parameter 191 when initializing a 200V 7.5KW inverter. 
3) It is not possible to move to the next feeder when switching on the power after setting the machine data manually on RSY3RE or RSY6RE.
1) Now compatible with 400V 7.5KW inverters. 
2) A warning message is now displayed if the needle mode is changed when  using an OD3 take-up. 
3) “Memory clear” is now automatically executed if it is required after the software has been changed. 
4) Now machine data cannot be set on V-AERGY except when it is in the maintenance mode. 
1) The software for V-AERGY has been modified according to the modification of the cams of this model. 
2) Setting items for OD3 take-up. 
Strips and sub-strips cannot be used when creating parameters. 
It is necessary to execute “Memory Clear” after updating the previous version. Failing this may result in malfunction of the control panel.
Initialization value of anti-hunting gain for inverter (parameter  No.184)  has been changed from “2” to “0”.
1) Monitoring function for ACT motor. 
2) Test pattern transfer function for SECWY. 
3) Garment input function for No.2 Preset for IRGY. 
4) Czech can be  used partially in the English version.
1) The problem with OD3 where the newly entered production amount is  erased and the previous production amount stays valid if the power is      turned off. 
2) Yarn table for 64F or more in electronic jacquard parameter cannot be  displayed. 
3) The problem with RSY3RE where yarn table error is displayed when “file 0 function” (all fingers at all feeders are not used) is used.
  V3.082006/09/20 Changed: 
Now compatible with 3FWY.
  V3.072006/08/01 Changed: 
The color table is now overwritten after the parameters have been  modified.
  V3.062006/04/25 Added: 
Page 16 FABRIC PRESS ON MODE by which the following setting is collectively made when pressing on the fabric onto V-AERGY: 
1) Cylinder needle mode is set to “LH”. 
2) Dial needle mode is set to “LH”. 
3) Timing is set to “DELAYED”. 
4) Striper mode is set to “TEST3”.
  V3.052006/02/07 Added: 
Compatibility with the German language.
  V3.042006/01/20 Added: 
Functions to create, modify and display parameters and patterns on the operation panel.
  V3.032005/10/11 Changed: 
Output timing for the pattern data for V-AERGY. 
The machine (V-AERGY) cannot run due to striper error when the number of fingers (“FINGER=*) is set to “2” or more in the striper mode.
  V3.022005/10/11 Changed: 
1. Initialization value for the inverter. 
2. The average A/D conversion rate (sample rate) for the potentiometer in the ACT large take-up mode has been increased.  
3. The denomination “ACT Lap Mode” has been changed to “Speed  Mode”.  
The striper actuator error is not shown as a stop factor. 
Function to calibrate the contrast of the LCD touch panel.
  V3.012005/06/23 Fixed: 
1. Production amounts of OD3 machines shown on the display are 1/10  of the actual production amounts. 
2. Error messages appear on the display one after another at very short intervals when the non-contact type needle protectors detect more than one error.
  V3.002005/06/08 Fixed: 
On V-AERGY, combined patterns having  4095 courses or more cannot be loaded.  
1. On V-AERGY, the inverter frequency for the medium speed is now auto- matically changed from 20Hz to 15Hz when the inverter is initialized. 
2. Error detail is now shown for each option unit. 
3. The striper type of V-FY6RD4 has been changed from “Type 5” to  “Type 2”. 
4. Production amount for ACT can now be set to the first decimal place. 
5. Only the fingers in use are shown on the striper indicator.  
6. Monitoring signal is sent out only when the machine is running. 
1. Function to delay the stop position by the counter. 
2. Compatibility with  VX-RSY3RE 
3. Compatibility with  OD3 type machines. 
4. Monitoring interface using RS232C.  
Note: After upgrading from Ver.2.** to V3.**, please be sure to execute “Memory Clear”.
  V2.162005/05/23 Fixed: 
A large roll cannot be fully rolled up due to the “Over Current” error. The max. motor current is now controlled by the modified software so as not to exceed 5A in the “Large” mode to avoid the above problem. 
  V2.152005/03/30 Fixed:
On striper machines, CPU is reset If the speed control function is used during knitting and simulation is carried out in the striper mode set to “TEST”. 
  V2.142005/03/08 Fixed: 
The software is designed to reduce machine speed from the high speed to the medium speed one revolution before changing the pattern, and  from the medium speed to the low speed immediately before (several feeders before) changing the pattern. However, no speed reduction is actually made at all. 
  V2.132005/02/25 Fixed: 
1. RPM and preset value flicker on the display when the machine is standing. 
2. When using MCP V2.12 on a striper machine with no floppy disk drive installed, floppy disk related menus are displayed on the striper data preparation screen.   
1. 25s, 30s and 35s as the delay time for detecting ACT lock error. 
2. TRANSFER “YES” / “NO” option for V-LEC3DGTY2 and V-LEC3DGTY6.  (ULM-FMC10 compatible with this MCP version is  required.) 
  V2.122005/02/22 Fixed: 
1. When making inverter setting in Chinese, characters are garbled. 
2. When using Chinese, some wrong Chinese characters are shown.  
3. When entering machine data for V-AERGY, the “MACHINE DATA NOT FOUND” error cannot be cleared until turning off power. (It  is now possible to clear before entering data.) 
1. The range of “COUNT FULL LAMP” function has been changed to  0 -100. 
2. LCD brightness range has been changed from “0 (bright) – 12 (dark)”  to “0 (bright) – 16 (dark)”.  The former maximum brightness “0” is comparable with now brightness “6”. This means there has been significant improvement in brightness. 
1. Function to transfer patterns to a striper machine with a floppy disk. 
2. Function to show the start needle and striper sensor positions on the display when setting these positions. (Before, it was necessary to check these positions with eyes.)
  V2.112005/01/17 Changed: 
KNIT is now possible in the pattern changing mode on V-AERGY. 
There are cases where patterns knitted are different from the data entered on striper machines because yarn data are incorrectly generated.
  V2.102004/10/28 Changed: 
More stable timing selection (synchronized & delayed) is now possible. 
The data stored in the controller is erased when the machine data is  re-installed  on electronic jacquard machines.
  V2.082004/09/15 Added: 
Monitoring function for stop factors (needle, top, bottom, YFD-in, YFD-out) and full roll (Preset 1 & Preset 2). 
  V2.072004/09/10 Fixed: 
Noise could start procedure for power failure although the power is supplied without interruption. In such a case it was necessary to reset the procedure manually. Now  it is automatically reset and MCP resumes normal procedure. 
  V2.062004/07/29 Fixed: 
1. On V-AERGY, RPM error occurs when synchronized timing and delayed timing is set  for one feeder after the other in the auto-timing mode. 
2. On jacquard machines, the feeder designated as a test feeder on MCP is actually a normal feeder, and the feeder designated as a normal feeder on MCP is actually a test feeder. 
Now compatible with new models, V-3DGTY6, V-IRGY and V-FY6RD4. 
  V2.052004/06/17 Added: 
1. ACT indicator 
2. Time delay for take-up error 
The inverter setting screen simplified. 
Problems with the striper test mode and reset parameter 
  V2.042004/05/19 Changed:
1. Now compatible with V-AERGY.
2. The up arrow key and down arrow key can now be used to increment and decrement numerical digits on Page menu, etc.
3. In the electronic needle selection mode, 
 1) menus not applicable to the selected machine model are no longer displayed on the screen.
 2) Items that have already been set at the time of initial setting are displayed with a strike-through. 
4. For the striper mode, 
 1) MODE2 for simulation for changing fingers at each feeder has been added.
 2) Striper data file No. can now be directly entered (desired striper file No. must be selected from the list in the previous versions) . 
 3) The dialog box “File already exists. Overwrite?” has been added. 
  V2.032004/04/20 Fixed:
The auto-oiler function cannot be disabled if the No.2 preset value is set to “0” when the auto-oiler is in operation on No.2 preset. 
  V2.022004/04/14 This is newly developed software for AZ Machine Control Panel for  electronic jacquard machines with stripers.


Version No.DateContents
  V1.012005/02/16  This MCP ROM is provided for enabling the over current detecting  program  to start up immediately after the power is turned  on. Before,  the program was once read into the RAM from a ROM, and then it  started up. This resulted in delay in over current detection.