Precision Fukuhara Works, Ltd.|A circular knitting machine manufacturer boasting a world-class market share

Certification & Commendation

We have acquired ISO certification, an international standard, in order to deliver better quality and greater peace of mind to our customers. We have also made a wide range of contributions to the community and society over the years, and have received various awards in recognition of our efforts.

Certification and Accreditation


An international standard for quality management systems established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Our management system is in place to provide consistent products and services and improve customer satisfaction.

certificate for Hyogo-onlyone

Hyogo’s Only One Company

This system recognizes and honors companies in Hyogo Prefecture that have excellent technologies and products, and that enjoy a high reputation and market share both in Japan and overseas.

We boast a 48% share of the global market for electronic pattern knitting machines, a field in which technical capabilities are of paramount importance, and we are recognized as a “Hyogo Only One Company” by the Governor of Hyogo Prefecture as a representative manufacturer in the global circular knitting machine industry.

certificate for KOBE-great-tech

Superior Technology from Kobe

This system recognizes companies in Kobe City that have top-level technological capabilities in their specialty or unique technological fields and manufacture products and goods that occupy a high share of the market.

In recognition of their advanced technological capabilities and distinctive product manufacturing, the President of the Kobe Industrial Promotion Foundation has recognized them as “Superior Technology from Kobe”.

certificate for no-disaster

No accident record certificate Type 2

3.9 million recorded hours

The Director of the Labour Standards Bureau of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare presented the company with a certificate of record for having established a record of 3.9 million hours without accident through the joint efforts of labor and management in preventing industrial accidents.

300 Vigorous Manufacturing SME

It is a selection of 300 small and medium-sized enterprises with advanced manufacturing technologies that support Japan’s international competitiveness.

The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry selected us in recognition of our manufacturing.


certificate for disabled-people_employment

Excellent business office for employment of persons with disabilities

Received an award from the Governor of Hyogo Prefecture in recognition of our efforts to promote independence and job security for people with disabilities by actively employing many people with disabilities.

certificate for safety-and-health

Safety and health management standards

The award was presented by the Director of the Hyogo Labor Bureau in recognition of the company’s active promotion of occupational safety and health activities and its particularly excellent standards of safety and health that set a good example for others.

certificate for blood-donation

Promotion of blood donation campaigns

The Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare commended the company for its active cooperation in promoting the blood donation campaign and for its contribution to the development of the blood donation business in Japan.

certificate for disabled-people_employment

employment of people with disabilities

The president of the Hyogo Employment Development Association commended the company for its recognition of the importance of employment of people with disabilities and for taking the initiative to employ people with disabilities, a significant achievement that serves as a model for others.

certificate for safety-and-health

occupational safety and health

The company received an award from the Hyogo Labor Standards Federation for its efforts to develop a management organization in industrial safety and to prevent accidents in the workplace through labor-management cooperation.

certificate for skill-test

Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Award for Human Resources Development

The Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare commended the company for its deep recognition of the importance of the trade skill test system and its great cooperation in conducting the trade skill tests.

certificate for red-cross

Japanese Red Cross Society Gold merit badge

We received the Gold Medal of Merit for our substantial cooperation in funding Red Cross activities.