Precision Fukuhara Works, Ltd.|A circular knitting machine manufacturer boasting a world-class market share

Presentation Room

We have a presentation room in our main factory where you can see knitted fabric samples and clothing samples, which was completely renovated in 2009 with the relocation of our head office. We hope you will stop by.

You will be greeted by a body clad in our original collection, made of fabric knitted using the performance of FUKUHARA’s circular knitting machines.
From existing geometric patterns to original designs, we will propose circular knitting machines to meet your needs by directly checking knitted fabric samples.
In the past few years, mattress surface fabrics have gained popularity mainly in Europe and the United States, and the market share continues to expand. The samples that fill the entire wall are a sight to behold.
In recent years, new apparel products such as jeans, suits, and dresses have been made from knitted fabrics. They are attracting attention for their wrinkle resistance, elasticity, and ease of movement, features that were difficult to achieve with woven fabrics.
More than 1,000 knitted fabric samples are available. You can see samples from almost all of our circular knitting machines.