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Revision History of FMC10


Version (Revision) No.DateContents
     Common to ULM for FMC40. Click here.


Version (Revision) No.DateContents
3.00 0503052005/03/08 Fixed:
“FAN ERROR” of the option unit is not shown on the  operation panel and all the errors of the option unit are  shown  as “STITCH ERROR” instead. In this new version, if any fault occurs on the fan of the option unit, the operation panel first shows “OPTION UNIT ERROR” and by pressing the “STOP FACT” key, the panel shows “STC. UNIT FAN  ERROR”.  This is true with other errors of the option unit. 
3.00 0303252003/03/26 Fixed:
There are cases where machine data cannot be loaded.  The machine data routine has been modified accordingly.
3.00 0208202002/08/20 Fixed:
1. When operating V-LEC4DGTY, Approx. 20 needles to the right of the start needle knit  “Tuck-Welt” instead of “Knit-Welt” in the first  revolution after executing “RESET PARAMETER”. 
2. “ACTUATOR ERROR” is sometimes erroneously displayed.
3.00 0203202002/03/20 Fixed:
In the case of a very-large-sized striper pattern, the striper data cannot be transferred to the controller.
3.00 0202062002/02/06 Fixed:
Finger information cannot be loaded after installing  V.3.00 020116 on a transfer machine. (In this case, it was made possible by resetting the1 transfer feeder.)   It is now possible to load finger information without resetting the transfer feeder. 
3.00 0109282001/10/26 Fixed:
1. Machine data can not be entered on machines with catch & release type stripers after clearing the memory of DSP1 board.
2. When auto-stitch is set to test mode on V-LEC4DGTY, the stitch amounts of the No-finger  feeders are set to 1.
3. On striper machines, when changing a pattern using take-off feeders to a pattern using all feeders, needles come up before the striper finger is set to the position, this resulting in fabric  fall-off, or needles do not come up even if the striper finger has already been set to the position, this resulting in entwined yarns around the knitting elements.
3.00 0104242001/05/07 Fixed: (For SEC4BCY)
  1. No warming-up operation is performed at gate.
  2. Unnecessary finger movement found at a certain feed if the striping data is the same as one revolution before.